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A lot of cosmos// want to stay

I came in for a trade and did my research and want to stay and stake. I have a pretty substantial position and while I have bought in to the vision and can handle volatility. Can anybody here pitch long term value? What would generate growth and a hefty market cap. I read their last post about being a port city. What drives the value of Atom? For the average investor should it be viewed as a bank? Once vision is reached is this an explosive asset or one that will sustainable grow while paying “dividends/interest” vis staking.
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⚛️💥 #IBCgang - Cosmos's Road to IBC 💥⚛️

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⚛️🗳 Cosmos Network Governance 🗳⚛️

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Osmosis: A Hub AMM

In recent months, there has been much discussion within the Cosmos community about the potential for a Cosmos Hub-based AMM platform. The potential for such an AMM is what inspired us to begin work…