A decentralized exchange to buy ATOM that is not ethereum based or binance based;

self.cosmosnetwork6d ago
Newbie here, with probably too basic query for u. I wanna buy a good chunk of atom but I wanna try to do it this time using a DEX since I dont wanna provide my licence or passport (had good experience with binance and CDC though). I was gonna set up my first metamask wallet ever and connect it‍ to BSC to use pancakeswap (I'm a small investor so paying 80$ or more gas fees in ethereum is a no no) but it seems bsc is having a lot issues (I read that in bsc reddit) as of yesterday. Can u guys suggest me a good DEX where I can use my USDC (erc20) to buy atom? I have a ledger wallet and I wanna store my atoms back there, I won't leave any coin in a hot wallet at all. I'm willing to set up an atom wallet (although I wish I didnt have to create another seed phrase besides my ledger one but it is what it is) to be able to connect a DEX. U gentlemen have any suggestions? Thanx