NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Mining Review: To 50 MH/s and beyond

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Mining Test

And now it’s time to do the test. We can see that both card drivers are up and running.

Partial info with both GPU cards Complete Info with both cards running

Running EthMiner, both cards can mine smoothly without any issue.

GPU0: 2080 Ti, GPU1: 1080Ti

The performance of the two GPUs under the Ethash algorithm:

GTX 1080 Ti — Calculation: 32.46 MH/s |Power consumption: 212W RTX 2080 Ti — Calculation: 50.90 MH/s |Power consumption: 257W

The 2080 Ti obviously outperformed the 1080 Ti, the computing power under the Ethash algorithm has increased by 56.8% and the power consumption only increases by 21.2%.

However, there are many tools in the market for optimizing 1080 Ti and there is no similar tool for 2080 Ti as of this writing. The performance gap between 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti is as of following after using an optimization tool for 1080 Ti:

GPU0: 2080 Ti, GPU1: 1080Ti

With the optimization tool turned on, the computing power for 1080 Ti has increased from 32.46 MH/s to 45.19 MH/s, a 12.73 MH/s jump! (This optimization tool has no effect on the 2080 Ti). As a result, the computational power gap between 1080 Ti and 2080 Ti under the Ethash algorithm is only about 5.7 MH/s.

Although the final gap in our test is not significant, it is essentially a comparison between “extreme optimization of the last generation product ” and “the original form of the new product”. There have been countless people repeatedly upgrading and optimizing 1080 Ti. On the other hand, 2080 Ti has not been out long enough for people to test and optimize.