Santiment Priority Pass sale closes in 3 blocks
blog.cofound.it5y ago
First Priority Pass™ pre-sale finished in record time

Wow! We’re incredibly grateful and proud to have such a highly-engaged community! The Priority Pass™ stage of the Santiment token sale reached the hard cap in only 3 blocks. This is a proof we’re on the right path and we can’t wait to see how you engage with our future projects!

An exciting day is behind all of us! After months of careful preparations and coordination we have successfully launched first pre-sale, which was today available to our initial Priority Pass™ members.

More than 13,000 ETH of SAN tokens were sold in less than a minute, setting a new ground-breaking milestone!

It is also reasonable that the first community responses are mixed — whilst the fastest among you are super excited about the successful pre-sale, there is also some bad mood coming from those of you who missed the very short contribution period. In fact, only one team member managed to participate — all the rest were too late and know exactly how you feel!

This was our first Priority Pass opportunity for a project. We’re still working on our Priority Pass dashboard, which is slated to launch in a matter of days, so we decided to give an equal opportunity to all Priority Pass supporters. We are already limiting Priority Pass opportunities only to those holding 5k CFI or more for the crowdsales starting with July. We’ll also be working on implementing an individual contribution limit mechanism. If you have suggestions on what the best way would be, please join our Slack and join the discussion!

This was a great first iteration of our powerful Priority Pass™ system, showing the strength of our community and there is even more to come! At this point, we are already working on adding mechanisms to ensure the next iteration will be a better experience for everyone!

Thank you all for participating and of course, congratulations to Santiment for an extremely successful crowdsale!