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Notes on Descrypto podcast Interview with co-founder Brian Byrne

Notes on Descrypto podcast Interview with co-founder Brian Byrne Musiconomi

These are my summary notes on the podcast interview done by Descrypto with the Legendary Brian Byrne of

To listen to the original podcast (highly recommended) check out the link below:

Before we begin, I found this interesting side story of how Brian met Elio Di Iorio (Co-founder, Chief Organizer and Spokesperson). Following chat conversion was shared by Elio Di Iorio on musiconomi slack channel:

My brother (also one of our advisors) and I were always fans of those bands going way back to the early 90's…very cool to have them here doing this.My brother and I used to travel around Ontario, even into the USA back then to watch shows…we met Brian after the band got back together a few years back and that’s sort of how we ended up here doing this. We went to the first reunion show at Sound Academy in 2012 when they released “We Got The Love”, but then we got to know Brian when they had a couple shows at The Phoenix in 2015, and we were in the pre-show VIP ‘hang with the band’ event. So in 2015 they did and intimate friends/family show, then they did the whole venue to the public after that. So Brian started hanging out with my brother in 2015 in Toronto — my brother had one of the first Bitcoin ATMs in the world at his office, so Brian was there with him a lot and learning about blockchain stuff from him…then Brian and I re-connected early this year with Musicoin and the rest is history :)


Podcast summary notes:

Brian joined a Canadian band in ‘97 (I Mother Earth). He was a fan of that band at that time. The lead singer of that band left creating an opportunity for Brian to jump in. Brian had to go through a rigorous audition process (the good old way to get an entry into a band — before reality shows was even a thing!).Sadly, he could...
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