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Notes from First Live Video AMA by Musioconomi team

Q18 — Will we be able to purchase merchandise from the musiconomi platform?

Elio — Great question! Answer is YES! We’ll be bringing in a store front concept to the platform. We’ll be building tools to help any music related business, organisation, any interested 3rd parties to use the underlying platform and technology for their business. Some other aspects we want to cover would be ticketing for shows. We have been talking to music schools to benefit from the platform.

Think of Musiconomi like Amazon for Music and not a better Spotify or iTunes. It’s a marketplace of music industry and not just a music streaming platform.

You can buy/sell sheet music from musiconomi for example. It’ll be a portal for music related business.

Brian — It’ll be beyond just the streaming music. We wanna make sure everyone is included in it. It’ll work for artists, listeners, businesses, organisations etc. You can back artists and get paid for that. (Check this link for some of the features that they have listed)

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