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Digital Assets Power Play is about to change crypto-trading. Let us show you …

If we learned anything from Wall Street, it’s that automated trading strategies are the key to managing assets successfully. But for most ordinary people, setting up crypto-trading strategies is still an overly complex task. Simplifying this process and providing innovative new tools is one of our main goals so that we can introduce more people to the world of crypto-trading, while also providing an efficient and effective method for the pros. We’ve worked for years to make our platform as user-friendly as possible, while also implementing a level of depth that veteran traders won’t find anywhere else.

Because our platform is still in its alpha stage, we can’t show you all the features yet. But we wanted to provide you with a preview of what some of our features will look like.

The Future of Crypto-Trading

Typing different URLs, digging through hundreds of bookmarks to find that great data source you encountered weeks ago, clicking through endless tabs, logging into different platforms, hard coding…are you anxious yet? We want to put an end to these headaches of the crypto-world and place all these tools in the palm of your hand. This is what the DA Power Play platform and marketplace will achieve with the help of you, the users. Not only are we going to provide the platform on your desktop, we will also be launching DA Power Play on iOS and Android so you can trade anywhere, anytime, and never miss out on deploying the right strategy whenever you want.

Drag’N’Drop Strategy Creation

One of our primary goals is to offer a simple solution for developing, back-testing and deploying trading strategies. We believe there’s no other solution that’s more simple and intuitive than a drag and drop user experience. This feature is not just designed for beginners, but also for veteran traders who need a tool that can provide a quick solution when they don’t have the time to program strategies from the ground-up (which they will also be able to d...

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