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Digital Assets Power Play: Designing a token for the stakeholder's benefits.

Designing a token for the stakeholders benefits

Within Digital Assets Power Play (DPP) we are striving to build a new self-sustaining economy, providing the services and the solutions to all of our potential stakeholders; strategy developers & owners (including digital asset managers), investors and software developers.

Vision is to provide all stakeholders with direct benefits by being a part of the distributed rather than traditional economy.

Within the traditional economic model transactions were conducted between two parties, where one party always had an upper hand over the other in the resources, knowledge and the operational excellence, thus benefiting in the long run and generating a profit when dealing with the counterparty. In the distributed economy stakeholders are organised in the distributed manner with an equal distribution or access to the resources, knowledge and the operational excellence, with an understanding that they will all benefit from a mutual cooperation, enabling upper hand over other (traditional) market participants.

By having the DPP tokens as both underlying asset value and a means of payment and the value transfer between the stakeholders, the proposed distributed economical system becomes fully self-sustaining, whilst increasing value of its assets and thus token value.

We can claim that platform will be self-sustaining, as algorithmic strategies will be backed by the Public Wallet, profits shared with the strategy owner and returned to the public wallet, increasing its assets size and importance. Additionally developers and strategy owners will charge fees, receive payments in tokens and be able to reinvest these tokens.

Our competitors are not other blockchain market participants, but instead the Wall Street, the City and other traditional financial institutions, as we are striving to democratise the Wall Street.

In a current market state and especially in the traditional ...

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