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[Digital Assets Power Play] Benefits provided to DPP Token holders

Benefits Provided to DPP Token holders

We review all the benefits that you’ll receive as a DPP Token holder following the release of the DA Power Play platform

Benefits provided to DPP Token Holders

Over last few days, we have had several questions from the community regarding benefits provided to the DPP Token holders.

Firstly, in order to register to the Digital Assets Power Play platform users will be required to hold 100 DPP Tokens. This will provide access to the basic features of the DA Power Play platform.

Basic platform features include, but may not be limited to:

Single API multi exchange accessDrag’n’Drop Strategy Editor with simple technical indicatorsProgramming language strategy editorPrivate Wallet integration with smart contracts from the Strategy Wallet

For these basic services, there will be a transaction fee charged in DPP Tokens, representing 0.12% of the transaction’s value. Without holding more DPP Tokens, platform participants will not be able to obtain any volume discounts. Additionally, the DA Power Play platform will charge each backtest 1 DPP token, with a 1% charge for liquidity provisions (atomic trade).

In order to access more advanced features, users will be required to hold more DPP Tokens. We plan on continuously expanding and updating DA Power Play services / building blocks, either through cooperation with third parties or by software developers active on the platform. Funding for these additional services / building block will come in form of digital assets appreciation gained from within Operational and Public Wallets and liquidity provision.

An outline of the potential benefits to the DPP Token holders:

By holding 10,000 or more DPP Tokens, token holders will have access to the platform’s transaction fee discount pending on the monthly volumeBy holding 30,000 or more DPP Tokens, token holders will have early access to Public Wallet strateg...
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