Digital Asset Power Play crowdsale, the first Croatian blockchain project, coming soon
5Y Ago
Digital Asset Power Play crowdsale, the first Croatian blockchain project, coming soon is announcing the upcoming crowdsale of our next project: DA Power Play, taking place in the first half of August 2017. The final details will be released in late July.

Building an automated platform for managing digital assets

Croatian team DA Power Play aims to disrupt the world of crypto trading. They are dedicated to building a global distributed platform which will enable crypto exchange participants to take full advantage of their trading opportunities.

The advanced platform is intended to offer the most advanced trading solutions to three key user segments:

DIGITAL ASSETS POWER INVESTORS with a need for a single-point of entry, multi-view across exchanges FINTECH DEVELOPERS specialised in programming top-notch trading strategies and offering their services to power investors and fintech companies FINTECH COMPANIES participating in digital assets trading and investments can build and reuse blocks and modules to optimise their performance and reduce costs

The platform will empower users with single-point API access, simplistic design for rapid strategy deployment, safe environment to test the automated strategies, access to all historical and live trading data available and the best trading strategies available.

The team invites you to find out more about them and their project at their website as well as and DA PowerPlay slacks.

Great ideas come from the most unexpected places: this time, Croatia

DA Power Play is the first Croatian token crowdsale project. One of’s key propositions is to democratise access to capital to the best teams, no matter their location. Working closely together with DA Power Play is a great showcase of the power our global mentoring and proactive community can bring. believes the DA Power Play team is uniquely positioned to deliver on this opportunity as they have already been successfully running, testing and constantly improving a similar (but smaller scale) platform over the past 22 months, operating as the self-funded Krypto Investment Partners Ltd out of the United Kingdom.

DA Power Play: the right solution at the right time has been working together with the DA Power Play team for over 6 months now. We’ve had many workshops together and were able to observe the determination of the team and the progress they’ve made. We believe now is the perfect time for their vision to come to life. They have strong support among our experts and advisors, and their community of supporters is growing rapidly .

Meet the team in person

For those of you who would like to meet the team in person, Matej Ujević, Nikola Jokić and Saša Hunjak will be presenting DA Power Play at the Blockchain meet-up in Split, Croatia, on July 14, 2017 as well as attending the Barcelona CoinAgenda conference from July 16 to 18, 2017.

You can contact them any time on their Slack to book a chat in Split or Barcelona so act on the opportunity to find everything about them first-hand.

The final crowdsale details will be released in late July on the and DA Power Play Slack channels.