New Project - Financially Accelerated Gains (FAGcoin)

self.monkeycapital5y ago
Hi Monkeys, your fearless leader has returned with a new project! Financially Accelerated Gains, FAGcoin for short, has just been created! I know I've bashed WAVES in the past but let's face it, where else can I create a worthless coin for sub $4? Instead of a lengthy manifesto riddled with shit that makes no sense, here are some keywords to help you decide why you should invest in FAGcoin: -Legit -Millionaire -Cool -Retirement -Lambo -Trusted -Smart -Investment -Cryptocurrency -Blockchain -Moon FAGcoin is now available on the WAVES platform! Identifier: CkP4aoG5wb4CM4DebhUGRWwB4m1VeaGGVsjwSPcskeXX First 10 responses get FREE FAGcoins! *Don't forget to post your WAVES address*