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New featured article!: "Cindicator: Decentralized Predictive Analytics Driven by Machine Learning"

Decision making in financial markets is an incredibly difficult process, especially for high-stakes investors. Given the immense amount of data and resources required to make even remotely informed investment decisions, many are left doing little better than gambling with their money. This is especially true for investors functioning within the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets. While many financial institutions have developed general toolsets, these are largely cost prohibitive for the majority of investors.

Cindicator is a fintech startup company that aims to lower the barrier for high-level market analytics tools. Cindicator’s platform combines a large number of diverse financial analysts with a set of machine learning models to form a single system that works to efficiently manage investor’s capital in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets. The platform, which has been built on what is referred to as a Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure, offers a range of tools including trading bots and market alert indicators. Ultimately, Cindicator aims to create a single platform resource that accurately predicts market movements for investors of all levels.

Interested in Cindicator? Here’s a quick rundown of the project:

Platform & Development

The Cindicator platforms offer a number of tools for users who hold Cindicator tokens (CND). This ERC20 token is necessary for all access to the platform, and the more tokens a user holds, the more features and tools they unlock. Here’s a quick list of tools currently released or in development by the Cindicator team, as detailed in their white paper:

Indicators of traditional markets and crypto-markets (the probability of the rise or fall of asset prices, the probability of beating consensus in corporate and macroeconomic events, indicators of certain price levels being reached, and i...
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