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📋Voting for the updated White Paper #ChronoBank highly valuates the opinion of its community and investors. For this reason, we decided to put the adoption of the updated White Paper to vote. Make your vote count! $time #blockchain

📌 How to vote? Step 1. Lock TIME

First, one needs to lock TIME into ChronoBank’s Smart Contract. Go to the “Deposit TIME” panel in your ChronoWallet ( and choose the amount of TIME to lock. Click “Approve” and the network checks if there really are enough TIME available.

“Confirm” the next step and your TIME holder allowance will be updated.

Go back to the “Deposit TIME” panel and choose the same amount of TIME, but at this point, click “LOCK”.

Step 2. Vote

Now that you have locked TIME, go to the “Voting” page of ChronoMint.

Search for the ongoing poll about the adoption of the new ChronoBank White Paper and click “VOTE”.

There are three options you can choose in this particular poll, which are “For”, if you’re in favour of the new White Paper, “Against”, if you’re not and “Abstaining”.

Select one of the options, click “VOTE” and “Confirm” your choice.

Your vote has been added to the poll and the result will be adjusted accordingly.

Please note: Even though you can unlock your TIME at any given moment, your vote will be subtracted from the final result again when doing so during a current poll period.
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