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For those who has missed it: Welcome to the Issue #19 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank’s voting process explanation, Airdrop for TIME and XEM holders, LaborX sidechain description and new White Paper, Partnership between ChronoBank and Dbrain, TIME price update.

TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $37.90 USD, 0,00357196 BTC TIME Week low: $19.47 USD, 0,00200731 BTC Maximum volume: $1 912 320 USD on February 18 Minimum volume: $188 239 USD on February 23 Leading exchange: HitBTC, TIME/BTC 🎁 XMIN distribution to TIME holders started

ChronoBank, in cooperation with #NEMrussia, started the distribution of its loyalty awarding asset named MINUTES — a so called “mosaic” deployed on the NEM blockchain.

Every TIME holder can join the distribution and get XMIN in proportion 60 XMIN for 1 TIME. For this, TIME needs to be locked in ChronoMint.

Note: It may occasionally come to frailties regarding the distribution of XMIN for some users. Our developers are aware of the situation and working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. We will update with further information. If you’ve any problems with XMIN, please, contact us via [email protected]

LaborX sidechain description

Detailed information about changes in the architecture of LaborX, reflected in the new White Paper. We explain reasons of changes, why we need a sidechain and details about the LaborX working algorithm.

Voting for updated White Paper

Don’t forget to join our poll about the acceptance of the new White Paper edition.

Note: the poll is not active right now. We’ll inform our community when they can continue voting.

☞ previous article:

☞ Updated White Paper:

☞ Voting Link:

ChronoBank’s voting process explained

ChronoBank’s developer team explained how they decrease expenses for poll actions and deploying the voting smart contracts. Our team gained almost thrice fewer expenses while performing vote operations.

Partnership between ChronoBank and Dbrain

ChronoBank has recently established a strategic partnership with Dbrain, an open blockchain platform for ...

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