Sunday TIMEs Issue #23 19 March — 25 March 2018 Welcome to the Issue #23 of Sunday TIMEs: DMT, #Token2049 and @BlockShowcom, Article: From #workforce to human capital, Twitter follower milestone, website widgets, Price Update
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🚀 New product: Distributed Blockchain Middleware Tracker

DMT is a micro-services based platform, which aims to unite the different blockhain implementations into a single ecosystem, with unified interface and excellent scalability.

Events and Conferences

ChronoBank team recently participated in differnt events and conferences namely Token2049 and BlockShow in Berlin.

From workforce to human capital: revolutionary changes in employment and recruiting

We inspected trends and changes of traditional and modern forms of employment and recruiting, releasing the results in an extensive and substantial article:

From workforce to human capital: revolutionary changes of employment and recruiting“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” — William
Website widgets

We have deployed a new test version of our website with market cap and exchange information. Have a look. Twitter follower milestone

ChronoBank’s community on Twitter is now over 15000 members strong 💪Thank you all for your continuous support!


ChronoBank CEO Sergei Sergienko and BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel discussing interesting topics about crypto and blockchain:

Integrating Blockchain Into Off-chain Businesses: Insights From Igor Khmel and Sergei SergienkoOn March 6th, CEO Sergei Sergienko visited our office in Moscow. He met with BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel and…