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You have to buy at the "it could" dont wait for the "it does"

Do you think people bought Ethereum in jan. 2017 because it was a enterprise smart contract platform? Do you think a running product made the price rise from 10$ to 1400$? No one out of the real world can use Ethereum for an everyday use yet. But marketcap went into 150 billions. As an speculant, you buy when it's an "it could". Check the quality of the team of ChainLink. The quality of the code. The quantity of the contributions on github, the quantity of the contributors. The rise just started with the Accord medium post 2 weeks ago. A lot of investors, and I'm talking about the real investors not these 1000$ gamblers, became a lot more confident with the confirmation of Accord using ChainLink in their product. Google Accord and google their partners. This post was huge. And no one one reddit saw it and got it. This is Ethereum Q1 2017 all over again. The size of the use case COULD actually exceed Ethereums one. We dont only serve smart contracts. We connect retail banking and other blockchain platforms which Ethereum don't even touches: Corda and Hyperledger for example. Ripple was at the "it could" stage with their 'product'. It was actually just proof of concepts and prototypes from big banks. But no one is and can really use it yet. They are not at the "it does" stage and they went into the 150 billions of marketcap too. ChainLink can ALSO (it's just one part) do what Ripple tries to do but a lot better and smoother, together with the biggest payment processor: SWIFT. So don't tell my you understand ChainLink, invested and looking to sell LINK at about 1-5$. This is dogshit price. If ChainLink delivers, and some other big breadcrumbs get announced, we will see a rise like Ether or Ripple did in 2017 and LINK could actually become an top 5 coin in no time. It could be one of the first ones, delivering a product, usable for the real world and serving real smart contracts for everyday usage. It is not possible yet. Never with Ethereum alone and not without decent...
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