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Where did you first see/hear about ChainLink? What about caught your eye and made you invest?

For me, it was about a month after the ICO when I heard someone talking about it in the r/ETHTrader daily discussion. I would normally browse the altcoin discussion for new projects, but LINK stuck out to me due to the unique and real problem it solved. This was just as SIBOS and Binance hype/rumours were in the air. No more than 2 hours after buying some LINK the Binance listing was confirmed – I made a nice profit over night! (it shot up from 20¢ to about where the price is now...) I have stuck around because the fundamentals are great when you dig deeper than the average crypto investor is willing to dig. It's not another needless project with the advertising of a PnD shitcoin and it solves a real problem with no real direct competitors. It's as solid as a high risk investment can get. Oh, and the memes. How could I not stay for the memes?! So what about you?
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