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Venrai Launches a Chainlink Node that Delivers Digital Asset Compliance Data On-Chain to DeFi Platforms

Venrai Launches a Chainlink Node that Delivers Digital Asset Compliance Data On-Chain to DeFi Platforms

The team at Venrai are proud to announce the launch of an official Chainlink node that makes key Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance data accessible to DeFi platforms operating on leading blockchain networks such as Ethereum.

DeFi platforms can now call the Venrai Chainlink node to receive cryptographically-verified data detailing OFAC-sanctioned wallet addresses, serving as a plug-and-play solution that improves the regulatory compliance of DeFi platforms such as decentralised exchanges. Projects building enterprise implementations of DeFi protocols now have a clearer route to OFAC sanctions compliance, and can engage other platforms that source compliance data from Venrai with confidence.

If you want to learn how to access Venrai compliance data on-chain, refer to our developer documentation.

Why Chainlink?

Venrai decided to supply its compliance data on-chain using Chainlink because it is the most widely used oracle solution in the blockchain industry, both for data providers and smart contract development teams. Chainlink is a future-proof oracle solution for delivering compliance data directly on any blockchain

To learn more about why we decided to launch a Chainlink node, view our previous announcement.

Bringing trusted compliance data on-chain

Venrai is a digital asset compliance and security audit solutions company that offers all-encompassing support to blockchain-based projects. The firm has deep knowledge of UK, EU and US regulations, delivering client-focused solutions to achieve regulatory compliance within the digital asset space. Venrai’s service offering ranges from advice on company formation, client onboarding and investor due diligence, to AML/CTF regulatory compliance and smart contract auditing.

When accessing Venrai’s API, DeFi projects can avoid facilitating transactio...

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