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TribeOne Integrates with Chainlink to Secure Price Data Across Lending and Borrowing Platform

We’re excited to announce that TribeOne, one of the first AI-powered NFT and DeFi funding platforms will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds on Polkadot. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, TribeOne will have access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds for our NFT and DeFi lending and borrowing platform. This will provide our users with strong assurances that they have access to the most authentic and updated price feed in the crypto sphere.

We chose Chainlink as our go-to oracle solution because its infrastructure is seamless to integrate and time-tested in production. Chainlink already secures leading DeFi protocols responsible for billions of dollars in smart contract value, maintaining robust security and high availability even amidst unexpected events, such as exchange downtime, flash crashes, and data manipulation attacks via flash loans.

TribeOne is one of the first AI-powered NFT & DeFi funding platforms, where we will be providing loans & lending options for both NFTs and crypto-assets. A platform extensively for borrowing, lending, investing, and credit risk that is backed by RAROC (Risk-adjusted return on crypto). Through our user-centric approach and revolutionary products, we will provide the DeFi sphere with enormous benefits, removing all traditional financial barriers for users.

In order to secure our NFT and DeFi funding platform, our aim is to provide our users with fair and authentic price feeds against their NFTs and crypto-assets; speeding up the process using blockchain technology.

We need access to fresh asset prices that are supplied directly on-chain in a highly reliable manner. Fair market asset prices should reflect a volume-weighted average from all trading environments, so we need to make use of an oracle to fetch aggregated price data off-chain and deliver it on-chain to be consumed by our application.

After exploring various oracle solutions, we selec...

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