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Tiingo Will Launch a Chainlink Oracle Node To Supply Blockchain Developers with Financial Data and Analytics Tiingo Thoughts

Tiingo is excited to announce that we will be bringing our premium API data to leading blockchain networks via the launch of our own official Chainlink oracle node! As part of the market-leading Chainlink Network, which connects blockchain applications (built using smart contracts) to external data APIs, we will be able get our entire suite of APIs blockchain-enabled, allowing us to supply smart contract developers with a wide variety of financial datasets used to trigger their execution.聽

Given the emergence of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), an ecosystem of financial applications and products built on blockchains, we see a great opportunity to make our data available across the DeFi market via our Chainlink oracle node. Through the Tiingo Chainlink oracle node, we can broadcast our API data directly onto any blockchain platform, as well as sign that data on-chain through a unique cryptographic signature to prove its origin as being from Tiingo. Not only will this grow our reach as a data provider into new blockchain-based markets, but our data can expand the types of DeFi applications that can be built, ultimately empowering us to directly support and participate in the provisioning of a completely new and parallel financial system.

Our initial focus will be providing on-chain data regarding the closing prices of equities, before then moving our attention to developing FX feeds. This will enable DeFi developers to build on-chain financial products such as derivatives based on traditional equities, further widening the types of financial exposure users can get within DeFi markets.

Establishing Tiingo as a Top Oracle Node and DeFi Data Provider

Tiingo consists of a data research and analytics arm, a news aggregator, and a professional suite of APIs. Our API provides over 1,253,400,491 data points and counting, including price tickers for over 70,000+ global securities (stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds), 4,100+ crypto tickers, and 40+ ...

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