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THE HUSL is Integrating Chainlink VRF to Bring Provably Fair Randomized Mechanics to NFTs

THE HUSL is Integrating Chainlink VRF to Bring Provably Fair Randomized Mechanics to NFTs

THE HUSL, a leading NFT platform for the music industry, is excited to announce our integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Ethereum blockchain. By integrating Chainlink, the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, THE HUSL ecosystem gains access to a provably fair Random Number Generator (RNG) to help fairly distribute NFTs, randomly reward users, host secure and honest competitions, conduct unbiased giveaways, and much more. Chainlink decentralized oracle networks utilize secure off-chain computation to provide THE HUSL access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of on-chain randomness needed to select winners in a verifiably fair manner.

For the music industry, NFTs represent rare collectibles with authenticity and ownership data recorded and tracked on an immutable digital ledger. At THE HUSL, we believe NFTs represent the opportunity for creators to engage directly with fans in a bold new way that disinherits traditional intermediaries and empowers fans to PARTICIPATE in, and OWN, stake in the music and moments that make music history — in REAL TIME as it occurs.

Powered by our dynamic token ecosystem, THE HUSL is positioned at the nexus of blockchain and the music Industry. The HUSL token will enable users to stake tokens, farm rare minted NFTs, vote for platform proposals, tip creators, receive discounts on collectibles, and enable access to features such as streaming music and exclusive NFT auctions and sales.

At THE HUSL, Experiential Rewards-based NFT competitions are at the center of everything we do. Each of our NFT Collections offers unique opportunities for owners to compete for prizes, including but not limited to physical, real-world items such as memorabilia, autographs, access to private events, and in-person experiences with musicians.

THE HUSL’s integration of Chainlink VRF notably au...

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