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The CRD-Chainlink Node Is Here — Helping You Get Legally Compliant Across DeFi dApps.

We are excited to announce that the CRD Network has launched its official Chainlink node on mainnet. CRD Network is designed to be an all-in-one KYC solution, enabling users to voluntarily register, prove their identity, and then get complete access to permissioned smart contract applications that require identity confirmation for compliance and other purposes.

Through CRD Network’s Chainlink node, developers can access an extensive suite of compliance data to quickly build regulatory-compliant DeFi solutions and help facilitate enterprise adoption. Possible smart contract use cases for our data include creating permissioned decentralized lending protocols with built-in KYC or conducting whitelisted airdrops with geographic restrictions.

Developers can learn more about the CRD Network’s Chainlink node by visiting the following link:

One of the main reasons we decided to launch a Chainlink node is because Chainlink is the most widely adopted oracle network amongst decentralized applications and data providers. Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and already supports many leading blockchains and layer 2 networks, serving as a future-proof oracle middleware solution. Our Chainlink node also cryptographically signs all data it posts on-chain, proving the data’s origin from the CRD Network. For more information on the benefits of launching a Chainlink node, view our previous announcement.

The CRD Network is a blockchain ecosystem running on Hyperledger Besu, an enterprise blockchain on Ethereum which links digital assets and the DeFi ecosystem with traditional finance by acting as an API hub. The Network offers a suite of microservices, from banking functionality that services both on-chain and off-chain currencies to a KYC-as-a-service platform for leading blockchains. Our KYC services aim to simplify the KYC experience for users by creating an interoperable credenti...

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