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Thales dapp launches on Ethereum mainnet secured by Chainlink

Thales has reached escape velocity: All systems engaged

If you were looking for a place to try on-chain binary options then today is your lucky day.


After months of hard work, iterations, and working closely with strategic partners, integrators, and our enthusiastic community, we can finally say…

The Thales platform MVP has been released on Ethereum main net 🎉

If you can’t wait to use it just click here.

But if you are eager to learn more before jumping…

Let’s dive in!

How did Thales get here?

As you might be already aware, Thales started as a spin-off project from the Synthetix community, expanded the development of a new re-imagined trading-first model for binary options, and recently raised 2.5 million in a trend-setting DAO-first funding round.

Thales core contributors have been working heads-down during the past months to bring together a smooth user experience for those looking to start exploring and incorporating binary options into their portfolios or just wanting to have some fun playing probability games.

Some of the improvements we’re most excited about are the UI for P2P trading on 0x limit order books, a revamped binary options model from the original version to support larger pool sizes, and customizable components on the trading page UI for maximum comfort.

And everything we’ve been working on gets released to the public… today!

Excited? We know we are! Introducing Thales dapp

As of now, you can choose more than 60 different assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, equities, and index products to create markets, mint binary options tokens, and trade them on Thales decentralized limit order books, powered by 0x.

All price feeds are secured by Chainlink, the industry-standard oracle network.

As we mentioned in a previous post, in order to secure the price data that is used to settle binary options markets, Thales requires access to fresh asset p...

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