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Swift Innovation Brochure discussing Blockchain R&D

Hey guys. I found this innovation brochure discussing Swift's R&D into Blockchain on the Swift website you might find interesting. On page 5 it mentions Chainlink - "The two winners of the first Innotribe DLT Industry Challenge – launched in 2016 to find fintechs demonstrating the potential to solve our customers’ problems using DLTs – have now completed their proof of value projects." It also mentions the POCs involved with the different banks: "SWIFT started collaborating with six banks initially in January 2017 and recently expanded that collaboration to an additional 22 transaction banks. The proof of concept has been built leveraging the latest available DLT, Hyperledger Fabric v1.0, complemented by SWIFT’s expertise in areas such as governance, data controls, identify framework and standardisation. " Since it is stating that the POC is built using Hyperledger, can someone explain how does Hyperledger and Chainlink work together in the whole scheme of things and if Chainlink would be involved in any of these POCs or did they do a seperate POC? In other words is Hyperledger a competitor or do they complement each other?
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