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Sergey Nazarov's Patents

So we all know that the SIBOS will be about "Bridging DLT and SWIFT messaging with" right? Well I did some digging, look at this my bros A guy named Sergey Nazarov filed for patents in 2016 to 2017 related to **messages** and shit. His partners in the patents such as Ori Gershony work on distributed applications etc so I'm pretty sure this Sergey Nazarov is in the software field. I mean just how many Sergey Nazarovs are there in the tech industry... Is this huge my fellow linkies? Or am I just too hyped about this... EDIT: To those that dont know... the CEO of (ChainLink) is named Sergey Nazarov **DISCLAIMER: unless you guys read the patents back to back this is just speculation alright. We' are not sure if it really is about SWIFT's Messaging, but the keyword "messaging" is there.** **Although even if these patents are not related, it just shows Sergey has connections at Google and is part of legit projects.**
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