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QuickSwap is Sponsoring Chainlink Price Feeds to Expand QUICK’s DeFi Utility

TL; DR: QuickSwap has sponsored two new Chainlink Price Feeds for QUICK/USD & QUICK/ETH, enabling DeFi applications to add functionality for our native token This is the first step of many in a long-term incorporation with Chainlink and the many decentralized services it provides Integrating with Chainlink equips QUICK with the added infrastructure necessary to enable the token’s further integration across Polygon’s rapidly-growing DeFi network We’re thrilled to be working with Chainlink — the leading decentralized blockchain oracle network — to provide $QUICK with added utility and QUICK’s holders with even more opportunity

When there’s something to celebrate, dragons roar, and today, we have much to make noise about. With QuickSwap’s first birthday just around the corner, the festivities are about to begin, but before they do, we have some really exciting news to share regarding our integration with the Chainlink Network.

QuickSwap proudly sponsors two new Chainlink Price Feeds

We’re ecstatic to announce that QuickSwap has sponsored two new Chainlink Price Feeds for QUICK/USD and QUICK/ETH. The launch of these Price Feeds will enable other DeFi projects to seamlessly add support for our native governance and utility token QUICK. Secured by Chainlink’s trusted, decentralized, time-tested oracle infrastructure and high-quality data, these new price reference feeds will help propel $QUICK’s adoption throughout DeFi.

Initially, QuickSwap is sponsoring the QUICK/USD and QUICK/ETH Price Feeds on Polygon. This integration represents the first step in a long-term homogenization with the Chainlink Network and the various decentralized services it provides to smart contract applications.

What does that mean for QUICK?

As the native governance and utility token of our DEX, the community of QUICK holders coordinates the continued evolution of our on-chain Automated Market Maker, as well as how fee revenues and treasury resources are allo...

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