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Pods’ Options AMM integrates with Chainlink

Pods’ Options AMM integrates with Chainlink

Pods is pleased to announce our integration of Chainlink Price Feeds as a critical input that powers our Options-Specific Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm. By relying on price reference data from Chainlink Price Feeds, our AMM can generate accurate prices on options contracts in a highly secure and reliable manner. Most notably, Chainlink Price Feeds have strong market coverage across all trading environments, mitigating exploits like exchange downtime and data manipulation attacks from flash loans.

Our initial integration of Chainlink Price Feeds is now live on both the Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) mainnets. Our AMM references the Chainlink Price Feeds for underlying assets (ETH, BTC and others) natively on both blockchains to continuously price options contracts, creating a greater amount of liquidity for all types of options markets.

Using Chainlink’s Tamper-Proof Price Data For Secure Hedging

Pods’ main goal is to deliver the easiest and smoothest way for any user to hedge their crypto positions. We do this by offering users the ability to hedge volatility through the use of options contracts, which are one of the most common types of financial derivatives. With Pods, hedging market risk has never before been so easy for the end-user.

Our integration with Chainlink helps enable composable, continuous and decentralized risk management, which is vital for DeFi hedging. To appreciate the importance of this integration, it’s important to understand how our protocol is designed.

Pods is a decentralized non-custodial options protocol that allows users to create call and put options contracts, and then trade them seamlessly within the Options AMM. Pods is built upon a system of non-upgradable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and on Polygon.

Currently, users can participate:

as sellers or buyers of either puts or calls as liquidity providers in the Options...
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