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Hi, Some of you might have seen few post on Sergey's patent, do not consider it as fact. You need to take this news with alot of precaution since it's just speculative and porbably false. Consider aswell that the patent property is shared with different pple it's likely some patent that doesn't have any link with smartcontract. Last things, ChainLink have already so much to give dont kill it with unverified news, for the makert is down for altcoin if you believe in link buy more, and dont spread rumours that will kill Link if they are wrong. The point here is that ChainLink doesn't need us to suceed, wich is the diffrence with other altcoin that need the investor to spread their good work on their coins. For CL it's more likely Bad to spread rumours especialy if they are based on speculation and guessing. Now hate me .
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