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PARSIQ Now Allows Chainlink Price Feeds to be Used as Smart-Triggers – PARSIQ Blog

PARSIQ is excited to announce that we have successfully integrated Chainlink’s price feed oracles live on mainnet into our monitoring and automation platform. The PARSIQ platform is an off-chain automation solution, where users and enterprises can monitor blockchain data to automate workflows on their personal off-chain applications, such as receiving alerts in Telegram when certain blockchain activity occurs, or logging notable events in personal record keeping services.

PARSIQ will now be actively monitoring Chainlink’s price oracles, thus allowing developers to build new automated event workflows based on Chainlink’s secure and reliable price data. These new Events, called Use Case Streams, enable developers to use asset prices to implement more complex logic and automation, such as triggers to notify traders when asset pairs reach optimal prices, adding price data to accounting workflows, or conducting other price-based calculations. 

We selected Chainlink because it’s the most widely used oracle solution in the market for secure and reliable delivery of high-quality price data to smart contract applications. It’s become a standard throughout DeFi, already securing over $4B of USD value for leading applications like Synthetix, Aave, yEarn, and many more. As such, we see Chainlink price feeds as a key benchmark in the cryptocurrency market that many users want to monitor and build automated workflows around, especially based on their price updates.

<An example of Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Feed oracle network.>

Integrating Price Feeds with ParsiQL Smart-Triggers

One of PARSIQ’s core concepts is Smart-Triggers, which can be seen as a workflow that gets executed when a particular Blockchain Activity happens under certain conditions.

Below, is a very simple Smart-Trigger written in our own language called ParsiQL that:

gets activated when ETH Transfers occur and one of its parties is an Ethereum Account address...
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