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Oracle Building A ‘Virtuous Cycle Of Innovation’ With Start-ups Through ChainLink and Blockchain

Facade with logo at regional headquarters of software company Oracle in the Silicon Valley town of San Jose, California, April 13, 2019. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Getty Images

It was not too long ago that start-ups had a massive, exclusive, weapon in their innovation arsenal - Blockchain. This new technology opened up a new world for small and adventurous companies looking to make it big in the next wave of modernization. 

From ICOs, which provided funding in a new way, bypassing the problematic world of venture capitalism; to implementing the technology in disruptive ways against the traditional monopoly of finance, economics, health, banking and a host of other sectors - blockchain was almost science fiction. 

Things have changed, rather rapidly, in the world of blockchain though. It is no longer the quirky young millennial founders and CEOs pitching blockchain solutions, it is Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and IBM who have all entered the race. 

Dependant on your viewpoint, this can be seen as a significant step in legitimizing and adopting the technology, but it can also be viewed as corporate bullying as these notable companies snatch away a decentralized tool of the people. 

Still, there is evidence of these two sides of coin mingling and interacting, with blockchain being the bridge - rather than the coveted and exclusive technology. 

Oracle, one of the biggest software companies in the world, which provides its comprehensive enterprise blockchain offering, is doing its bit to aid and assist start-ups in succeeding. They are also pushing this side of their business with the help of blockchain and a recently announced partnership with Chainlink.

Integration with Chainlink

In June it was announced that Chainlink would be working with Oracle and its Oracle for Startups program. The start-up program works with start-ups and innovators across the globe regardless of their location or technology. ...

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