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NFT Stars Will Integrate Chainlink VRF to Secure Its Winner Selection Process

NFT Stars Will Integrate Chainlink VRF to Secure Its Winner Selection Process

NFT Stars, a multi-chain NFT marketplace is delighted to announce the integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Binance Smart Chain. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we can obtain access to the tamper-proof and auditable source of ‘randomness’ needed for the selection of winners in NFT Mania. Ultimately, this will create a more exciting, transparent, and fraud-proof user experience, as users will benefit from having an unbiased chance of being selected as the winner of various NFT quests and draws.

Being part of the NFT Stars project, NFT Mania offers a unique experience for crypto users — the first-ever NFT Quest. By solving a set of riddles, users compete for valuable prizes hidden within ‘treasure chests’. Quests by NFT Mania are fun and participation is free. They are aimed at reminding the crypto community of digital art’s original meaning.

In order to retain absolute transparency and keep the quests fair and seamless for every contestant, we needed access to a secure random number generator (RNG) that any user can independently audit. However, RNG solutions for smart contracts require several security measures to prevent manipulation and ensure system integrity. For instance, RNG solutions using on-chain data (like block hashes) can be exploited by blockchain miners, while off-chain RNG solutions (like traditional data providers) are opaque and don’t provide users with definitive proof about the integrity of the process.

After reviewing various solutions, we selected the Chainlink VRF because it’s based on cutting-edge academic research, supported by Chainlink’s time-tested oracle infrastructure. It is also secured through the generation and on-chain verification of cryptographic proofs that guarantee the integrity of each random number supplied to smart contracts.

Chainlink VRF works by c...

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