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MetaGameHub Will Launch a Chainlink Node to Bring NFT Valuation Data to Blockchains

MetaGameHub is excited to announce that we will launch an official Chainlink node to bring our NFT valuation data on-chain for decentralized applications (dApps). As the industry-leading secure blockchain middleware, Chainlink enables existing APIs to easily become compatible with leading blockchains. The Chainlink node will be the backbone of our new price oracles, enabling us to supply data directly on-chain and sell it to smart contract applications, as well to cryptographically sign our data to prove on-chain that it originated from MetaGameHub.

Through the MetaGameHub oracle, we will provide pricing data on metaverse-related NFTs, starting with Sandbox land titles. Developers can then use our data to build new types of DeFi, NFT, and Gaming applications, such as lending/borrowing protocols with NFTs as collateral, sophisticated on-chain trading strategies based on the baseline price of NFTs, prediction markets set around future NFT values, and trends, and as exchange rates to allow for NFT to be purchased and sold in various cryptocurrencies.

MetaGameHub is a decentralized autonomous governance platform (DAO) for NFTs that aims to democratize access through fractionalization and NFT pools, collaborative on metaverse development, incentivize participation through rewards, and stabilize the ecosystem through pricing oracles built upon a combination of smart contracts, big data, and AI. Ultimately, we hope to help mature the NFT ecosystem and give a wide range of participants exposure to pools of NFTs through increased liquidity, fractionalization, and stable pricing while allowing them to collectively foster the development of the metaverse.

In our mission to make our pricing oracle an industry standard for the NFT economy, we recognized the need for an oracle solution to make our pricing oracle API easily available across leading blockchains. This is important because calculating NFT prices requires off-chain computation in order to be c...

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