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LinkPool releases a major update to the Chainlink Market! This update brings real-time metrics and charting, adding visibility and context to nodes, feeds, and the entire Chainlink network - all through a new open API.

Never before have you been able to see how much LINK a Chainlink node is earning and how much of that is profit relative to the gas price with a breakdown per each feed. Match that with the ability to compare nodes per hour or per day over three months, and you have a extremely powerful tool that is as informative to the DeFi protocol creators and the community alike.

To give a more detailed breakdown about how the USD figures are generated, we didn’t just take the LINK figure and the gas spent then multiply that by the current price, as that would be inaccurate. Instead, we’ve created queries that give increasingly more accurate amounts by calculating the prices at the time of the transaction using the historical data from Chainlink price feeds. This is one of the core benefits of us choosing to produce a metrics API powered by Prometheus. Even though the data in its most basic form is rather rudimental, the way you can then perform calculations on that data with its in-built query language drastically expands the data you can formulate.

It’s easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of data (for completely free). You can waste time by comparing many nodes together, seeing how they respond compared to each other and network averages, how quickly they react to gas spikes and how some node operators choose lower gas prices for a higher margin, where some prefer high prices to prioritise latency.

Feed Metrics

To discuss the final large section of the metrics capability, we’ve fleshed out metrics for each individual feed within the Market. These metrics are common across every type of feed, and will keep up-to-date with developments in the future. Always including any types of new contracts that are developed and used by Chainlink in production, for example: off chain reporting.

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