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LaMelo Ball Mints His Career on the Blockchain Using Dynamic NFTs with Chainlink and EtherCards

LaMelo Ball’s limited-edition Dynamic NFT collection integrates never-before-seen, evolving traits that will continuously capture LaMelo’s career and set the standard for sports NFTs.

Playground, in partnership with Ether Cards and Chainlink, will launch a limited-edition Dynamic NFT collection for LaMelo Ball on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike NFTs that only represent static artwork, LaMelo Ball Collectibles can evolve to take on new traits and utility based upon the trajectory of his promising NBA career. As one of the most electrifying and popular young players in the NBA, LaMelo’s fans will soon be able to own a piece of his legacy by purchasing themed Digital Avatars that evolve alongside his basketball career.

“LaMelo Ball Collectibles is the first blockchain project to tie VIP access to Melo’s community directly to real-time updates to his stats, highlights, and awards,” stated Sher Chaudhary, Co-founder at Playground. “This never-before-seen fan experience will see each NFT have ‘level up’ capabilities based on the outcome of off-chain events, like a Rookie of the Year announcement. When special events occur, fans holding certain NFTs will win highly-curated memorabilia and even direct access to chat with Melo himself.”

Chaudhary envisions the project setting a new precedent for NFTs and the fandom experience at large: “Looking forward, LaMelo and other cultural icons will gamify the NFT experience tenfold. The idea that NFTs only exist as digital artworks is already falling behind us. We’re now moving toward special and ever-changing access to unique experiences. We see this as the new standard for collectibles and, eventually, for the ‘fandom’ economy as a whole.”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique blockchain-based tokens that give holders sole ownership over the specific asset they represent, such as digital artwork, real-world assets, or special access privileges. LaMelo will launch a collection of 10,000 NFTs, ...

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