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Introducing the Chainlink Community Grant Program

Firstly, we’d like to thank the entire Chainlink community for all the amazing work they’ve already done to create the most widely used oracle network in the blockchain industry. We’ve all played an important role in enabling DeFi smart contracts to reach new heights, and in starting to move the entire smart contract industry towards more advanced use cases through the appearance of universally connected smart contracts.

As the Chainlink Network’s usage, network size, and technical community is now entering a new stage of rapid growth, we do feel it’s important to continually support that growth through a Chainlink Community Grant Program.

The next stage of Chainlink’s growth will be defined by accelerating two positive feedback loops around both placing more data on-chain and continuing to increase the security guarantees with which that data is delivered. Combining these two positive feedback loops will rapidly increase the amount of oracle validated data that can be securely utilized to generate even more universally connected smart contracts in various industries. We have already seen and believe that we will continue to see increased access to oracle-validated data, driving an increase in the development of new smart contracts that will come to secure even more value across an increasingly large and varied collection of use cases in DeFi, decentralized insurance, blockchain gaming, and many other categories of financial contracts.

It is Chainlink’s goal to accelerate the adoption of smart contracts to the point where they are the dominant form of digital agreement for all contracts everywhere. This is a goal that we can only achieve together with our amazing community, their amazing ideas, the diligent development of those ideas into reality, and a community wide commitment to creating an economically fair world powered by universally connected smart contracts.

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