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Highlighting Our Successful Chainlink Oracle HackerNode Event at Web3 Summit

As part of the Web3 Summit in Berlin, Chainlink hosted its own series of events focused around the ongoing development of the Chainlink ecosystem. The event featured nineteen speeches, three panel discussions, a developer workshop and multiple featured demos.

While there was a plethora of information shared, some of the key takeaways include:

There is an increasing amount of different datasets regarding on-chain metrics from various blockchains, especially Ethereum, available for smart contract consumption. The Chainlink ecosystem is rapidly onboarding new data providers, platforms, and developer tools from around the world with different focuses. The DLT ecosystem is priming for the next leap forward into new use cases, particularly enterprises, and obtaining off-chain data is a prime catalyst to enable that evolution. DeFi projects are one of the fastest-growing use cases in the space, but the decentralization of price feeds via oracles is crucial to realizing its potential.

Please Note: We do apologize in advance as a few videos are a little hard to hear due to the background events (headphones will help in such instances) and the presentations of Nexus Mutual,, and Ampleforth were not recorded due to technical difficulties.

Panel Discussions

Being a Chainlink Node Operator

Four current Chainlink node providers — Jonny Huxtable (LinkPool), Cristian Lucera (Bitfish), Hendrik Hofstadt (, and Peter Eulberg (, give their thoughts on a variety of topics such as node competition, exciting use cases, upcoming developer tools, potential roadblocks, trusted execution environments and more.

Providing Real-World Data to Blockchain

Another four independent node providers — Henri Pihkala (Streamr), Trevor Clarke (AmberData), Robert Edström (Kaiko), and Andrew Thurman (CLC Group), discuss the complexities of providing real-world data to the blockchains, particularl...

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