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Growing Chainlink

Firstly, we’d like to once again thank our community for their continued interest in, and support of our work, as well as the many developers, node operators, and data providers, who have all actively devoted their time and effort to helping enable the next generation of smart contracts. The larger the Chainlink community grows, the more convinced we become that a highly reliable oracle mechanism is indeed what smart contracts have been waiting for in order to reach their full potential.

As leading smart contract networks and individual teams adopt Chainlink (Web3/Polkadot, Hedera, Market Protocol, and many others), and as we begin to collaborate with additional leading technology companies (Google, Oracle, and many others) to realize the next generation of “externally connected smart contracts”, we see a large benefit to increasing the number of great people working on Chainlink.

Below we'll give a brief overview of why someone should consider a career focused on smart contracts, as well as our current plans for growing the Chainlink team.

Some of the many reasons to build a career around smart contracts: Smart contracts are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement that will power the global economy’s financial markets, insurance industries, global trade (trade finance), and many other agreements that heavily rely on the reliability of a contract. They are fundamentally superior to existing forms of digital agreement, because they can provide unique guarantees that a contract will be executed as written. For example, which contract would you yourself prefer; one that was technologically enforced to an extreme level of certainty, where you always get what you're owed if you perform, or a paper contract that has multiple escape routes for others, where you may not get what you're owed. Smart contracts provide a unique opportunity to fix some of the current flaws in the agreements that allow costly contr...
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