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LINK · 5d Successfully Integrates Chainlink to Power Ambitious DeFi Roadmap for CRO

Integrating Chainlink’s decentralized price feeds into the Defi Wallet and launching the first CRO Decentralized Reference Data on the Chainlink Network

Today, we are pleased to announce that has successfully integrated Chainlink’s Price Reference Data into the DeFi Wallet on Mainnet to provide decentralized price feeds for DeFi tokens. In addition, will launch the decentralized price reference data feeds first for CRO/ETH and quickly followed by CRO/USD on the Chainlink Network in preparation for a deeper integration into the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. launched its DeFi Wallet earlier this year, giving customers full ownership of their private keys and offering secure and user-friendly access to the decentralized finance ecosystem that will be powered by CRO. The integration of Chainlink’s Price Reference Data brings decentralized price feeds directly into the DeFi Wallet, ensuring users receive highly accurate and transparent prices for DeFi assets held within it.

All Chainlink Price Reference Data are secured by decentralized oracle networks made up of Sybil resistant node operators, most of which are operated by leading blockchain DevOps and security teams that secure millions of dollars in value across numerous other networks. Each node sources data from high quality off-chain data aggregators, which maintain strong volume-adjust market coverage across all trading environments. By aggregating responses from multiple high-quality nodes/data sources, applications have access to highly available, accurate, and manipulation resistant price feeds that are protected against any single point of failure. These price feeds currently secure over $3B in USD value across DeFi.

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of said, “We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Chainlink to help us execute against our ambitious DeFi roadmap, as w...

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