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Chainlink Price Feeds Now Live On the Solana Devnet

Already securing tens of billions of dollars across the DeFi ecosystem, Chainlink Price Feeds leverage a network of professional nodes that source data from numerous premium data sources and institutional-grade benchmark providers to generate global market-representative prices with robust coverage and multiple layers of decentralized security to ensure precision, uptime, and tamper-resistance, even during periods of extreme market volatility. Development teams taking advantage of Chainlink Price Feeds on Solana can save considerable time and resources getting to market, given they don't need to build crucial backend infrastructure from scratch. Instead, developers can focus solely on their core business logic and bringing next-generation applications to users in the Solana ecosystem.

To begin building Chainlinked smart contracts on the Solana Devnet, refer to the Chainlink developer documentation to get started.

Solana is a high-performance, low cost, and tamper-proof blockchain network that enables developers to build scalable smart contract applications that operate at a global scale yet are secured by hundreds and eventually thousands of nodes. By leveraging the Proof of History clock-before-consensus and numerous other innovations in blockchain scalability such as Turbine, users can transact on the Solana network at high speeds without worrying about rising fees and throughput bottlenecks. Additionally, Solana supports established programming languages like C++ and Rust and maintains composability at the baselayer through a single global state, empowering innovative decentralized applications that truly scale.

The DeFi ecosystem on Solana is growing at an accelerating rate, and the vast majority of DeFi applications require external financial market data in order to execute key on-chain functions such as issuing loans at fair market prices, liquidating undercollateralized positions, triggering portfolio rebalances when certain price ...

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