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Chainlink Oracle Reputation Monthly Update — May 2020

Welcome to the first monthly Chainlink Oracle Reputation update. It’s been a huge month for the team here at COR: we officially launched May 8th. Since that day, the response from the community has been exceptional, and we appreciate all the support we’ve received. We have been hard at work to ensure the COR experience is as smooth as possible, and are continuing to develop new features to extend the product and experience for our users.

Since launch, we have had (at the time of writing) 21 of the 36 active node operators sign up to display their node info as part of COR and have received some great feedback so far.

I believe that it’s tools like these that will help inform users on reputability of nodes, and guide them on creating really decentralized applications. It’s tools like these that are the key to holding everyone accountable, and keeping the system trustless. Secure Data Links’ COR project is one of the first analytics/node ratings platforms that has done it in a sophisticated manner, and I’m excited to see what they put out next. — Patrick Collins, Alphavantage With the release of, the Secure Data Links team is building a pillar in Chainlink network. We look forward to watching COR evolve, and working with the talented SDL team wherever we can to integrate and promote the exchange of open data for the ecosystem. — Ian Read, LinkPool Developer Update

It goes without saying that our team has been kept very busy implementing user feedback to ensure our product experience is seamless. Nonetheless, we weren’t held back from adding new features. With that in mind, here are the new features included in our latest release:

Integrations View

A brand new view that will allow you to see all reads and writes from any reference data contract listed on chain. Similar to, you will be able to see all writes from oracles to reference data contracts. We also offer the flip side of this coin with DeFi p...

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