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Chainlink Keepers Open Beta Is Live: A Fully Decentralized Service for Smart Contract DevOps

We are excited to announce that the Chainlink Keepers Open Beta is now opening up for initial users, community review, and feedback.

Chainlink Keepers provide smart contract developers, decentralized applications (dApps), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with a highly reliable, decentralized, and cost-efficient method of automating smart contract functions and regular contract maintenance, creating a never-before-seen form of fully decentralized DevOps capabilities. Smart contract applications can use Chainlink Keepers to strengthen the uptime guarantees of critical on-chain functions and achieve end-to-end decentralized automation without relying on an additional layer of trust. The result is DeFi and the broader smart contract economy having more robust infrastructure to scale and secure higher amounts of value for users.

Chainlink Keepers is currently in Open Beta with initial users, so we can gather final feedback and continue to improve the decentralized service’s experience based on user needs. To try the Chainlink Keepers Open Beta, visit Development teams can also opt to register and manage Chainlink Keepers jobs directly within the new OpenZeppelin Defender platform—a security operations suite for Ethereum and EVM-based projects—through the following link:

Please reach out to [email protected] with any feedback. If you want to learn more about Chainlink Keepers on a technical level, visit the Chainlink documentation:

Chainlink Keepers can perform a variety of compute operations, monitoring, and time- and event-based tasks for smart contracts, such as:

Execute limit orders on decentralized exchanges Mint tokens when reserves increase Harvest yield from vaults Rebase elastic supply tokens Trigger automated trading strategies Liquidate undercollateralized loans R...
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