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Chainlink Keepers Now Live on Polygon Mainnet to Automate Smart Contract DevOps

Polygon is committed to providing developers with the best infrastructure for building secure and fully functional dApps in an accelerated manner. It’s why we integrated both Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink VRF to give developers access to time-tested infrastructure for decentralized price oracles in DeFi and secure RNG in gaming and NFTs. 

However, one critical yet overlooked aspect of dApp development is transaction automation services for key smart contract functionality. For example, money markets need undercollateralized loans to be continually marked for liquidation, yield aggregators need yield to be harvested at regular time intervals, and DEXes need limit orders to be triggered when prices cross certain thresholds. None of these processes can run in an automated manner directly on-chain but require off-chain infrastructure.

Instead of these DevOps tasks being performed manually or through a centralized process, we are excited to announce that Chainlink Keepers is now operating live on the Polygon PoS Mainnet as the recommended solution for Polygon developers who need secure smart contract automation. Chainlink Keepers are a decentralized transaction automation service powered by the same Chainlink node operators that currently secure over $75 billion dollars across other Chainlink services. As a result, developers in the Polygon ecosystem can build more advanced, feature-rich dApps that are fully automated end-to-end. If you want to start building with Chainlink Keepers, refer to the developer documentation and start submitting jobs.

Smart contract developers building on Polygon can now outsource their DevOps tasks to Chainlink Keepers, serving as highly reliable and trust-minimized automation bots that perform regular smart contract maintenance tasks on their behalf. Chainlink Keepers use off-chain computation to monitor when various user-defined conditions have been met and then call their on-chain contracts when conditions oc...

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