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Chainlink Blog: Smart Contract Automation Use Cases Powered by Chainlink Keepers

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Chainlink Keepers is a decentralized transaction automation solution that enables smart contracts to automate key functions and DevOps tasks in a highly reliable, trust-minimized, and cost-efficient manner. Individual developers, teams, and DAOs can utilize Chainlink Keepers as an off-chain computation layer to reliably automate key functions and unlock advanced utility.

Chainlink Keepers are already empowering smart contract developers on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain to build feature-rich dApps that are decentralized and fully automated end-to-end.

In this blog post, we briefly examine why smart contracts need secure and decentralized automation services and then explore some of the advanced use cases supported by Chainlink Keepers.


Why Smart Contracts Need Decentralized Automation

An often overlooked characteristic of smart contracts is that they cannot trigger their own functions. Instead, they need to be triggered by an external entity through an on-chain transaction to run certain functions. While some protocols such as automated market makers (AMMs) can rely on users to initiate transactions to wake up the contract, many smart contracts need an external entity known as a “keeper” to monitor predefined conditions and trigger the contract when those conditions are met. Such conditions can include reaching a specific moment in time, the occurrence of a specific event, or the execution of a complex off-chain computation.

Before keeper services, smart contract development teams had to set up centralized servers or use DevOps teams to manually trigger transactions. However, this method not only introduces a central point of failure that subjects the protocol to potential failure and downtime but also consumes precious development resources that could be spent improving the underlying business logic of the protocol or expanding its features.

In essence, Chainlink Keepers are decentralized ...

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