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BlockSpaces & LinkUp FL Receive Chainlink Grant for NEAR Integration

The Chainlink Community Grant Program provides financial resources to the many development teams and researchers building a more functional and accessible Chainlink Network. We encourage talented individual developers and development teams to apply to the grant program here, or if you are a researcher and want to collaborate, contact us.

We’re excited to announce that BlockSpaces and LinkUp Florida have been selected as joint recipients of a blockchain integration grant from the Chainlink Community Grant Program. BlockSpaces and LinkUp are receiving a grant for a native mainnet integration of Chainlink on the NEAR blockchain to support its many developers wanting to build decentralized applications using Chainlink oracles.

Through a native integration of Chainlink, NEAR developers will have built-in access to the Chainlink protocol, including existing solutions already in production like the widely used Chainlink Price Feeds, as well as a generalized oracle solution for creating custom oracle networks that connect to a wide array off-chain resources. This grant is meant to accelerate the development of DeFi, insurance, gaming, and a variety of other advanced smart contract applications on the NEAR blockchain, without any cross-dependencies on other blockchain networks.

As part of the grant, BlockSpaces and LinkUp Florida will collaborate on providing several key components to the integration, including:

Validate and adapt Chainlink contracts to ensure native compatibility with NEAR Test and deploy all components to NEAR, with continual maintenance and upgrades Deliver a monitoring solution for Chainlink nodes operating on NEAR

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