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Binance struggle

I am struggling with Binance in order to get some LINK. I'm a newby who's only familiar with Bittrex. I do not know how I can add btc on binance in order to buy LINK. Been struggling with this for a couple of days but I do not want to miss out on this huge opportunity here! Hope you guys will find time to help me.
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Why doesn't NEO just use Chainlink?

Currently we are designing the built-in #oracle with "synchronous" block execution mode in #NEO3, which is different from the traditional "asynchronous" oracle and also features NEO's one block finali...
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Sergey meeting up with Ontology team

Welcome @chainlink to visit #Ontology! Had a fruitful talk with @SergeyNazarov, CEO of Chainlink, and the team and we look forward to seeing more cooperation in the US and beyond! $ONT $ONG #Chainlink...