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AutoFarm Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds Into Its Cross-Chain Yield and DEX Aggregator

AutoFarm is pleased to announce the integration of Chainlink Price Feeds into our cross-chain yield and DEX aggregation protocol! Starting with support for BNB/USD and AUTO/USD Price Feeds, with more price pairs to be added shortly, Chainlink’s industry-standard oracle networks provide accurate, up-to-date, and tamper-proof prices on various assets used within our platform. Our users can leverage Chainlink Price Feeds to make informed decisions before entering or exiting token vaults and swapping assets.

As a leading oracle network, Autofarm has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds for their reliable prices regardless of market conditions — including periods of high volatility, extreme network congestion, and major infrastructure outages. Chainlink is also the most widely used oracle solution in the blockchain industry, already securing billions of dollars for leading dApps across multiple blockchain environments. This makes Chainlink the industry’s top benchmark for crypto asset price feeds — important information to make available to our users.

Autofarm is a multi-purpose DeFi ecosystem, originally starting as a yield aggregator but since adding a fully-featured DEX aggregator known as AutoSwap. With AutoFarm, users have access to dozens of vaults across BSC, HECO, and Polygon, as well as low-slippage swap liquidity by being able to access all the top DEXs. AutoFarm is already securing 850+ million dollars in value for users and is continuing to add more functionality, including an upcoming automated copy trading feature that will also be powered by Chainlink Price Feeds! Learn how AutoFarm will enable even greater functionality for users in the coming months by checking out our development roadmap!

After reviewing various price data solutions, we identified Chainlink as the most secure and dependable resource for precise, real-time market data. Chainlink also offers support for a vast selection of assets, which is important since AutoFarm als...

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