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Vote for ChainLink to be listed on the Radar Relay exchange and save us from Binance

Please chose up to five tokens you'd like Radar Relay to add in it's second round of tokens. Or, if it's not on the list, please enter it in "other."

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LINK -4.57% · · 6h

Why doesn't NEO just use Chainlink?

Currently we are designing the built-in #oracle with "synchronous" block execution mode in #NEO3, which is different from the traditional "asynchronous" oracle and also features NEO's one block finali...
LINK -4.57% · · 10h

Sergey meeting up with Ontology team

Welcome @chainlink to visit #Ontology! Had a fruitful talk with @SergeyNazarov, CEO of Chainlink, and the team and we look forward to seeing more cooperation in the US and beyond! $ONT $ONG #Chainlink...