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Anxious/Excited for the SIBOS conference. What are your predictions? (price)

This coin is VERY popular on 4chan (that's when i bought in right after ICO). It has little attention outside of the board. I've been following this token since it came out and under my impressions, most people on the /biz/ board are holding until the conference then selling. What do you think is going to happen? The SIBOS conference for LINK is 30 minutes and they will demo a working product. This is a huge step for the team, however I have a feeling the price is set-in and people are expecting much more such as partnerships and new investors, which I don't see happening as this is a tech demo only. I've seen coins get hyped up due to conferences and people expecting much more, causing the price to dip. I just have a gut feeling that it will get dumped during the conference. At the same time, the team hasn't been active on the community due to the conference (they are focusing on the conference). They said there will be updates AFTER the conference. I'm assuming they will release updates such as a roadmap, parnerships and the future of Chainlink. This in turn can make the coin pump up a lot more. What are your predictions? Will ChainLink pump before/during the conference and then dump? Or is the price already set-in? Link for the updates:
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