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Announcing New Wildcards Features Powered By Chainlink VRF

Announcing New Wildcards Features Powered By Chainlink VRF

We’re excited today to announce a host of new features powered by our upcoming integration with Chainlink VRF! These features will expand the Wildcards ecosystem, ultimately helping us better connect global conservation organizations and users through a social, gamified, and transparent platform.

Wildcards are NFTs, with each token representing a unique animal from one of our partner conservation organizations.

Currently, every wildcard NFT is always for sale. This is because every wildcard guardian (owner) is required to set a selling price and pay a percentage of this selling price each month to our conservation partners. This concept is technically known as a Harberger tax.

Our new features will be based on randomness provided by Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function). Chainlink VRF is a randomness solution for smart contracts, providing auditable, cryptographic guarantees that each random result is unbiased and fair.

Chainlink VRF will allow us to expand the wildcards ecosystem and offer an exciting new line of collectible wildcards! We will introduce an ‘egg hatching’ mechanic in addition to our always for sale (Harberger-taxed) NFTs. We believe our users will enjoy this new collection method and populate their own virtual conservation wildernesses. We also look forward to rewarding active participants in the Wildcards conservation DAO with random drawings for ultra-rare Wildcards.

Integration Details

Chainlink VRF enables our team to introduce two new collection mechanics to the Wildcards platform. These features will increase the number of Wildcard collectibles, and incentivize Wildcard guardians to actively participate in the governance of the Wildcards ecosystem. We expect to simultaneously attract new users to the platform and encourage further participation from current members.

Growing Wildcards supply with a hatching mechanic

Our Harberger...

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