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ACO Black-Scholes — A Pooled Liquidity Model for Options Powered by Chainlink is Now Live!

ACO Black-Scholes — A Pooled Liquidity Model for Options Powered by Chainlink is Now Live!

We are excited to announce that Auctus has successfully integrated Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Reference Data live on mainnet to power ACO’s first pooled liquidity model for options.

Auctus Crypto Options (ACO) is a decentralized non-custodial options protocol that allows users to trustlessly trade, mint, and exercise call and put options. Our initial launch was facilitated by an orderbook DEX that matched buy and sell orders for options. While we will continue to offer such markets, we are thrilled to expand ACO to now support its first AMM-based DEX for options contracts.

This model will use the most popular options pricing method — the Black Scholes equation, which requires the current price of the underlying asset in order to set the price of an options contract. Acquiring the price of the underlying asset requires an oracle.

After comparing all available solutions, our team concluded that Chainlink’s Price Reference Data was the most secure and reliable price oracle in the market. Chainlink’s price feeds already secure over $3B in USD value for many top DeFi applications and provide a unique set of guarantees that benefit the Auctus platform, including:

Accurate Prices — Chainlink oracles source prices from a multitude off-chain data aggregators, ensuring our settlement price has strong market coverage across all trading environments Decentralized Security — Chainlink provides decentralization at both the data source and delivery level, giving our price feeds high availability and protecting them from various forms of data manipulation Transparent processes — All Chainlink price feeds are supported by on-chain visualizations, empowering users to independently verify they are getting a fair market price

<Chainlink ETH/USD Price Feed is secured by 21 nodes and relied on by over 20 projects>

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